Our specialty is timeless and flawless makeup. It’s about making you stand out and look beautiful.  Our Pampered Weddings’ associates will make you feel relaxed and stress free while looking lovely at the same time. Making you feel gorgeous inside and out will ensure your stresses are at ease.

Makeup Application

Makeup for your special event is designed specifically to each individual needs as each of our clients are all unique and very different. Our team of professionals will work with you to perfect your look with many different techniques and products according to your skin type and shade. We customize each beauty session especially for you. We use a combination of many products and brands to accommodate brides from all over the world. Some of the products we use are MAC, Makeup Forever, Too Faced, Nars, Inglot,


What you can expect with each of your makeup steps:

Foundation and overall coverage

For your foundation we use primers to set your makeup and provide lasting hold throughout your special day and into the evening. The foundations we use are both solids and liquids that are followed by a dusting and pressing of loose powders to set your final finish. We use a combination of brushes, sponges as well as q-tips for that precision for a perfect canvas for your flawless makeup application. With covering any imperfections we are also experienced at covering any scars, blemishes, or skin irritations. This will give you a clean, clear look for your overall lovely look.

Eye Brows

Eye brows are very important and are the frame of your eyes. Each person has a special unique shape that is designed to their face. It is suggested that you go with the natural shape of your eye brows to keep your face from loosing its natural beauty. With some primping such as tweezing, waxing, and threading you can achieve a perfect brow for your special event. We do suggest that you do this prior to your day so it allows for any healing and redness to dissipate. You should not place makeup into those open pores after tweezing and with waxing you should allow the air to heal the skin under your hair removal. Our team will shape your eye brows according to how they are naturally shaped by using a variation of brushes and product to accent your brows.

Eye shadow

With each persons eye being very different we specialize in maximizing your eyes natural beauty. Eye shadows are used to draw out the beauty of your eyes and are a great accent for your face. First a primer will be applied to your eyes to assist with giving you a long lasting hold for your entire day. With primer it will help set and give your shadow a clean seamless base for your eye shadow. With many techniques of shading, blending and gently pressing our beauty professionals will make your eyes dazzle for your special event.  We use a variety of brushes, sponges and even cotton products such as cotton balls and q-tips to perfect your individual look.  Eye shadows can be applied on both the top of the eye lid as well as on the lower part of the eye to enhance or reflect certain areas of the eye.

Eye liners

There are a few different types of eye liners on the market and we use a good selection of them to fit each individuality based on your eye shape.  There are pencils and liquid liners for a precise lining and shaping of the eye. Eyeliners can be used on the top of the eye lid as well as the lower. The lower can be used on the inner lid as well as on the outside of the lid to open the eye further. Eyeliners can be applied very thin or thick according to the look in which you are looking for. With the eyeliners being applied thicker and thinner at each point of the eye can change the entire appearance of an eye shape. Our experts are trained to make the most out of techniques ands product to enhance your eyes to their full capability for a timeless and beautiful look.


Eyelashes are a fantastic way to accent and emphasize your eyes. There are several types of styles to choose from. Pampered Weddings will provide a selection for you to choose on the day of your pamper time. There are lashes that are strips and individuals, depending on your preference. Eyelashes are a great way to accent your photos and give you a complete beauty look.


The cheeks are a great way to show your face shape. Appling blush to the cheeks is a perfect way to do so. Depending on your cheek bones and shape of your face our team will emphasize your cheeks with adding color with blush. There are techniques of applying blush to also help shape the face by either applying to the top of the cheek bones or even below the cheek bones for a completely different look.


The lips are your kissable feature for your wedding day. Pampered Weddings will perfect the perfect lips for your honey as you seal the deal. With lip liners to shape your lips to a perfect blending of lipsticks your lips will look beautiful. Adding lip gloss will help give you added moisture and shine. All these lip products will leave your lips looking and feeling great for your wedding union.


Contouring is a great way to shape your face with color. With many shades and techniques using brushes, sponges and other cotton products you can change and alter the way your entire face appears. With contouring you can take pounds away as well as add in areas in which you would like fullness. Contouring can be added to all parts of the face including your forehead, nose, cheeks as well as your neck.

Specialty makeup and techniques

Pampered Weddings also will assist you with covering any unwanted skin areas. We can cover blemishes, scars, and tattoos that you with to not show or appear on your special day. There are many products and techniques in which our professionals will use to accomplish your covering.