About Us


Pampered Weddings would like to congratulate you for choosing the premier bridal beauty service for hair and makeup styling in Las Vegas Nevada. We specialize in brides and weddings from all over the world and of all cultures, ethnicities, and religions. Pampered Weddings and our team of beauty consultants professionals, consist of many years of experience and training to ensure all your bridal beauty needs are met to perfection. Pampered Weddings has been styling and making woman feel and look beautiful in Las Vegas Nevada for over 20 years. Specializing in onsite Bridal Beauty Service with dedicated beauty professionals and stylist. Our Bridal team will come to your location and set up all the necessary tools to enhance your beauty and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Pampered Weddings takes away all the travel arrangements and time away from trying to figure out where you are going to prepare for your special day. With our complete service at Pampered Wedding you do not have to travel away from your comfort zone or worry about rushing back to your establishment for your special event. Our beauty stylist will also help assist you in all the final preparations such as slipping into your dress. If there is any zipping, synching or bustling our accommodating personal will help you with your dresses final preparations. Pampered wedding will also help with your jewelry, veil and tiara placement with any packages received by Pampered Weddings. Pampered Weddings will not charge you any addition cost for assisting you in getting dressed. We understand many brides from all over the world are arriving with just them and their sweethearts and will need assistance with all the final preparation before walking down the aisle.  You will be accompanied by our professional staff in your suite or hotel room as well as your venue for any touch up or styling changes as your event unfolds. Engagement photos and celebrations are usually a perfect start to our Pampered Weddings introduction in feeling the full effects of our talented and personable staff. In conclusion of your engagement celebration is followed by your beautiful wedding ceremony and your elegant bridal beauty look. Finalized by your delightful wardrobe and style change for your receptions Pampered weddings will accompany you with any and all your touch ups and preparation for all your spectacular once in a life time events. With your honey moon to follow soon after Pampered Weddings associates will also assist you with styling and enhance your look for your photo shoots, video’s and destination memories.


When reaching your special wedding day and planning all your arrangements it takes many important decisions. Pampered Weddings is chosen by many brides for their entire bridal party from all over the world for many reasons. One of the most important reasons for choosing Pampered Weddings for your bridal beauty needs is we are strongly dedicated in making you feel and look absolutely beautiful. Our team of professionals at  Pampered Weddings listen to your specific likes as well as dislikes for your desired look on your wedding day. We help you in choosing a beautiful look according to your culture, religious beliefs, and personal preferences. With many different personalities and styles Our Pampered Weddings team will perfect your look to make you feel and look your absolute best. Another very important reason is our Pampered Weddings stylist team specializes in a timeless and flawless makeup application.  Our stylist are determined in keeping up on the latest techniques and products to best suit each and every individual on their wedding day. We at Pampered weddings know that is important to remain looking like your self with enhanced beauty for your family and friends to witness and to capture the essence of your natural beauty in all of your wedding or engagement photos. Simple, timeless beauty is our goal with Pampered Weddings in making you feel and look your absolute best on your once in a life time union. Pampered Weddings professionals work with you directly to perfect each and every member of your bridal party as well, including your mother, mother in-law, maid of honor, bride’s maids, and flower girls.


Pampered Weddings also helps with the preparation of men as well, enhancing their many handsome features. In photography men also can be groomed with styling of hair as well as light makeup to cover any blemishes or scars for more of a picture perfect look and timeless enhancements. Pampered Weddings associates will also cover any unwanted tattoos that you may not wish to show to family or friends and to be displayed in photographs. Our Team of professionals always are on the latest trends and techniques to use and display the perfect look for every member of your bridal party.


Pampered Weddings also goes above and beyond to pamper your entire Bridal party with personalized spa retreats and spa products to accommodate each members needs. Spa retreats from Pampered Weddings is an excellent way to give back and show how much you care about everyone involved in your special wedding day with spa services in your very own space. Pampered Weddings will customize your Spa retreat in the comfort of your own suite to set the mood of relaxation and tranquility. All the stress and pressure leading up to your special day will melt away with your customized Spa treatments with Pampered Weddings. Our Spa professionals will treat you with head to toe spa pampering with facials with instant heating elements to lift away any dirt or toxins from your face. We at Pampered Weddings also will apply nourishing eye pads that will sooth your tired, travel eyes with our vitamin-E enriched comforting cucumber eye treatments. Our amazing lip masque treatments will help your lips say goodbye to dry, over chapped lips after we exfoliate the dead skin from your lips and soothe them with a second repairing treatment of our healing lip balm. Pampered weddings consultants will also apply a healing neck wrap with a herbal heating element to relax and relieve your stress and tension from all the preparation of your big memorable day. A professional at pampered Weddings will also introduce you to our amazing herbal instant manicure hand scrub which will exfoliate any dryness from your skin that will leave your hands silky smooth, prefect for slipping on your beautiful wedding ring. With all the walking and exploring around Las Vegas your feet really can feel sore and at Pampered weddings we have the perfect treatment to take away any pain you are encountering with our hot herbal foot treatment. Pampered Weddings sets up your retreat  so you and your entire bridal party will feel rejuvenated and recharged ready to enjoy your special day to the fullest.


Our Dedication

We understand how important it is to plan all your details for your wedding. We understand all the preparation it takes to make your day special and memorable. We at Pampered Weddings, would like to take some of your stress away by pampering you on your special wedding day. We will come to your location and ease some for the stress of trying to find a bridal salon that specialize in weddings details. We understand that traveling to another location to get your hair and makeup done in the elements of Las Vegas weather, is very difficult. Imagine the time and effort you will save without trying to find transportation, waiting on long taxi lines, and also staying on schedule without knowing where you are going or when you will be returning. Then having to rush to your hotel room to change into your wedding dress, place your jewelry, slip into your shoes and then run off to your venue.

When choosing Pampered Weddings, you will be able to sit back and relax, order room service and enjoy your relaxing Pamper time in the company of your family and friends. Everyone will be able to see you transform into the beautiful princess you have always dreamed of. In all the while your family and friends will be able to take personalized photos and videos of you preparing for your union and amazing memories.

We set up everything in the comfort of your establishment weather it is in your hotel suite, your venue or even your home. We provide all the necessary essentials to enhance your beauty and make you feel and look like an absolute princess.  With brides coming from all over the world, we understand everyone is unique, but never the less, very special and we ensure each bride to be is treated as such..

We do complete Bridal Party Pampering as well as only the Bride to be. We cater to your individual needs and we take the time to listen and understand each of your requests and desired looks. We will assist each member of your bridal party with the undivided attention in which each member deserves, from mothers to flower girls, all the way to the groom and grooms men. After your bridal hair and makeup has been completed, we will also offer assistance in helping you slip into your bridal dress with any zipping, synching or bustling. Pampered Weddings professionals will also help with placing your veil, tiara or any other hair embellishments. We will help you with your jewelry and any other final bridal beauty touches. All of these services will be complimentary with any Pampered Weddings Bridal Beauty Package. Pampered Weddings will make you feel like you are absolutely special from start to finish for your once in a life time day. Even if you are traveling with just your sweetheart on your wedding day, Pampered Weddings professionals care and are dedicated in making sure all Bridal Beauty needs are met with perfection.