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Welcome to Pampered Weddings’ Bridal Beauty Hair tips and preparation on your wedding day. Here you will gain insight on what to expect, as well as answer any questions you may have for your special day.

We do suggest that you schedule your appointment for bridal beauty at least three months prior to your event. This will ensure you have your appointment and any deposits locked in without any last minute scheduling to relieve you of any stress for your bridal beauty appointment. You will then be able to go over any questions or styling details you may have for all your bridal beauty needs.

Be sure to have your hair clean and dry prior to your appointment to ensure a timely Bridal Beauty session. Having your hair clean and dry this will leave your room steam and heat free for any bridal styling. Completely dry hair will not only help with saving time blow drying, but will also help for your hair to hold for your lasting beautiful wedding.

A great helpful tip while scheduling your bridal beauty day is to provide visuals. This is a great way for you to explain and show your team the exact look your looking for on your special day. You can either email them to the Pampered Weddings’ Team or you can provide visuals the day of your wedding. Send over any pictures of any embellishments you may have such as hair clips, hair pins, veils, tiaras, etc. This will give your professional a great idea on where you wish to place your hair accessories. If you are unsure where you wish to place your embellishments, be assured your beauty assistant will be at hand to help you make the perfect choice.


Any hair embellishments, veils, and or tiaras are placed complementary and free of charge with your bridal beauty packages. If you would like to purchase any embellishments, please be sure to contact Pampered Weddings at least 48 hours prior to your bridal beauty session.

It’s also a very good idea to be very detailed when scheduling your appointment with your Pampered Weddings’ team. Be prepared to explain how your dress is designed according to if your dress is strapless, straps, or with sleeves, etc. This will help your stylist assist you with the perfect look. You can choose from having a beautiful UpDo to a Half Up and Half Down, to having all your curls down and flowing. There are many options in choosing the perfect style on your magnificent day.

24 Hour Service:

Pampered Weddings will further assist you after your ceremony with a fresh new look as needed. Our bridal beauty team will freshen you and your entire bridal party, throughout your entire event. This allows you to be able to stay fresh and even change looks from your ceremony, to reception, to your first dance, to your romantic evening.

For further details and scheduling please contact us.


Top Hair Styles:

  • Updo’s
  • Half Up
  • Down
  • Braids
  • Waves
  • Curls

Various Hair Styles:

  • Low Side Bun
  • Glamorous Bun
  • Modern Bun
  • Tight Top Bun
  • Loose Bun
  • Bun with outside curls
  • Bun with jeweled Embellishments
  •  Updo Sleek
  • Updo with Jeweled Embellishments
  • Updo with waves
  • Updo with sleek back
  • Updo with flower embellishments
  • Updo with pearled Clips
  • Updo on the side
  • Updo with outside curls
  • Updo with tucked curls
  • Loose traditional braid
  • Tight traditional braid
  • Side traditional braid
  • Crown traditional braid
  • Traditional braid tucked under
  • Loose fishtail braid
  • Tight Fishtail braid
  • Side Fishtail braid
  • Half Fishtail braid with curls