Tips for Bridal Beauty

We at Pampered Weddings suggest some of the following to better serve you with your bridal beauty. Pampered Weddings understands what it takes for you to prepare for your special wedding day. Our bridal beauty team suggests that you do all your preparation on your face with facials, exfoliating and any treatments at least a week prior to your wedding day to allow your face to heal from any blemishes or outbreaks. With allowing at least a week to heal the team at Pampered Weddings will have a clean, fresh surface to apply your timeless and flawless makeup. We also suggest that you use the moisturizer that your skin is used to prior to Pampered Wedding arrival to allow your skin to absorb before applying any makeup. Pampered Weddings specialist would also like you to have your hair clean and dry for your beautifying appointment. We also suggest that you are equipped with either a button down shirt or a robe that is easy to slip off after your beautifying session is complete.

When scheduling with Pampered Weddings reservations it is helpful to have all your information ready. Scheduling with our associates at Pamper Weddings is a perfect time to go over all your details or questions you may have. With our reservations it is a relaxed process and you will feel very confident you are in great hands with Pampered Weddings. Weather you are doing an online reservation or a direct phone call we make it very simple and at ease to relieve some of the other pressures of your planning.

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