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Tips for Bridal Beauty

We at Pampered Weddings suggest some of the following to better serve you with your bridal beauty. Pampered Weddings understands what it takes for you to prepare for your special wedding day. Our bridal beauty team suggests that you do all your preparation on your face with facials, exfoliating and any treatments at least a week prior to your wedding day to allow your face to heal from any blemishes or outbreaks. With allowing at least a week to heal the team at Pampered Weddings will have a clean, fresh surface to apply your timeless and flawless makeup. We also suggest that you use the moisturizer that your skin is used to prior to Pampered Wedding arrival to allow your skin to absorb before applying any makeup...

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Ultimate Volumized Hair

Full body locks make for a bold sexy statement in a very big way. When achieving this look it is best to start with your hair clean and dry. Then try back combing, setting sections with a curling iron or rollers. Keep in mind the narrower the section of hair the tighter the curls will be. If you would prefer to keep your styling simple or in a time crunch you can also style you hair with a volumizer and a large round brush. You may also add in a few clip in extensions to help enhance and pump up your hairs fullest potential.

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